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Saturday, December 13, 2003 

U. Leira 4 - Estrela da Amadora 1

New defeat takes Estrela to the last place

Estrela lost again 4-1, in a game full of emotion. With 2 goals in the first 3 minutes, the game was very well played. The diference between the two teams were the defensive errors by the Estrela players, that led to such an unlevelled final score.

U. LEIRIA - Quievreux; Bilro, João Paulo, Gabriel, João Manuel; Laranjeiro, Caíco (Sérgio Gameiro, 90'), Oliveira (Peter, 70'), Edson; Douala (Alhandra, 76'), Maciel.

ESTRELA DA AMADORA - Veiga; Rui Neves, Paulo Madeia, Mauro Almeida (Lula, 80'), Alex Garcia (Sabry, 46'); Juba, Bernardo, Rui Baião; Davide (Miran, 60'), Semedo, Júlio César.

Half Time Score: 2-1

Goals: 1-0, Maciel (2m); 1-1, Júlio César (3m); 2-1, João Paulo (19m); 3-1, Edson (75m); 4-1, Maciel (90m)

Final Result: 4-1

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